California and New Mexico Make Top 5 North American Film Locations

Last month, Variety wrote an article listing the top places in the world that location managers, directors and other industry insiders voted as best locations for filmmaking.

Reel-Scout is excited to share that our film office clients represent two of the Top 5 markets for filmmaking:  California (No. 1) and New Mexico (No. 3).

Listed below are some of the unique features that make California and New Mexico popular with the film and television production industries.


  • Deepest talent pool on/off camera.
  • Largest, most technologically advanced production infrastructure and equipment globally.
  • Varied outdoor filming locations: snowy mountains, beaches, vineyards, forests, deserts, hilly cities (San Francisco), palmy urban areas (Los Angeles), and of course the one and only Hollywood.
  • 20-25% tax credits.


  • Unusual sceneries and locations from white desert sands to woodsy mountains.
  • 25% tax rebates.
  • Rapid and steady growth of local studios such as Albuquerque Studios, Rio Grande Studios, and a new studio complex soon to be launched in Santa Fe.
  • Large crew base.

A few more of our clients receive Honorable Mentions:  for “Best Incentives” — Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina; for “Best Film-Office Support” — Connecticut and Utah; and for “Best Doubles for Locations” — Arizona.



And here’s is the complete list of “best places for filmmaking” according to industry pros:

Top 5 North American Locations

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. New Mexico
  4. Chicago
  5. Louisiana

Top 5 International Locations

  1. Morocco
  2. France
  3. Prague
  4. Spain
  5. United Kingdom

Honorable Mentions

  • Best Visual Appeal – Croatia, Hawaii, Panama
  • Best Incentives – Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina
  • Best Film-Office Support – Connecticut, Utah, Vancouver
  • Best Production Resources – Sydney, Montreal, Toronto
  • Best Doubles for Other Locations – Buenos Aires, Iceland, Arizona

Congratulations to all Reel-Scout clients who made this much-coveted list! To read the entire article, please click here.



Banner image of a San Francisco, California neighborhood via Google.