PR3D is Interactive

With PR3D, viewers can now walk through a space virtually, controlling what they want see and how they want to see it directly. With PR3D, creating an accurate 3D model of a physical space is no longer a time-consuming and expensive process requiring a full team of people, taking days or weeks to complete.

How PR3D Works

The cutting edge 3D visualization techniques available through the Matterport Pro 3D camera enable us to scan the interior of any property and use a combination of infrared and photogrammetry to build the 3D model.

An array of 2D and 3D sensors in the camera quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space. The camera then calculates interior dimensions and captures objects, colors and textures to create an incredible Production Ready 3D model of the location, increasing the location’s value and desirability immediately.

The best way to demonstrate the power of PR3D is to view the Production-Ready 3D locations themselves.

PR3D is Immersive

Once a 3D model of a location has been created, the possibilities are endless – both for the property itself and for the productions that desire to use it.

For Productions

With PR3D, productions can literally immerse themselves in the model and accomplish all of the following tasks without having to be at the actual location in person:

  • Measure dimensions
  • Design the set
  • See camera angles
  • Plan logistics
  • Make annotations, etc.

For Properties

For the property itself, a PR3D model produces a marketable asset which long-term benefits:

  • Attracts future productions
  • Documents and preserves locations and sets
  • Encourages on-going interest, particularly in tourism