Circus School of Atlanta

575 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30312


The Circus School of Atlanta is nestled in an old Methodist church, right in the heart of Georgia's historic Grant Park! It has been converted to a training space for circus performers of all kinds, but works equally well as a film location for any production. There are three accessible, connected rooms: the Sun Room, small, well lit, and warm, with a maximum occupancy of 14; the Flex Space, medium sized, bright and inviting, with a maximum occupancy of 92; and the Main Room, a flex space, and a smaller sun room. Aerial rigging points are set at 22' high, with an overall ceiling height of 33'. There is a stage standing at 23' W x 11' L, and 28" up, with a rider stage at 20' x 8'. A balcony stands over the main space, overlooking all below it. Crash mats and safety equipment are provided, as well as access to a fully professional circus. There are modern outlets and fiber optics for speedy internet. The Circus School of Atlanta is available to theatrical and film & television productions for filming. Book it today for your next film project.