Saline di Cervia

Via Salara Statale, 6, Cervia, RA 48015

Filmmakers, you will love this fascinating and historic film location. The Salina di Cervia, located on 827 hectares of land in a natural park in the northernmost region of Italy, is a natural reserve for many animal and plant species. Occupying a third of the entire extension of the municipality of Cervia, the Saline is composed of 50+ basins, surrounded by a channel of more than 16 kilometers, allowing the Adriatic Sea to enter and exit it. The harvest takes place in the three pools of the basins (rank) of the Saline which is about a kilometer long and 453 meters wide. Here the salt is formed and collected in an artisanal way just as it once was, but with the aid of a conveyor belt and a trolley (similar to a small train). The use of harvesting machines dates back to 1959. Since then every year during late August and early September, the rite of the cavadura (salt collection) takes place here. The sea water enters the tributary channel in Milano Marittima and circulates through the canals. The salt when harvested is wet and very heavy. Its typical “rose” color derives from the presence of the alga dunaliella in the salt dunes, rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. This entire region is now ready to host your next film or television production.

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