Los Angeles Penthouse Loft

6389 S Spring Street, #14B, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Big Time Studio LA is a beautiful live/work penthouse loft dedicated to film & photography production located in Historic Downtown Los Angeles. It offers a great versatile location for your shoot with various looks and possibilities. It is 50ft x 40ft space with 15-ft high ceiling featuring classic brick walls and large windows all around the loft with blue velvet curtains. Furnished and decorated with vintage furniture, artworks, plants, the Loft has grey polished concrete flooring and dimmable, color-changing ceiling lights. There are also string lights on the ceiling providing a cozy low light atmosphere. The final touch is laser disco lights, perfect for creating different moods. Once closed, the thick velvet curtains block out almost all day light. The lounge area has a Brooklyn vibe with brick walls and amazing city view. Contact the location today to book it for your next film or television production.