Bohemian Factory Loft

175 Stockholm Street, Apartment 109, Brooklyn, NY 11237

The Bohemian Factory Loft is a light-filled loft in Brooklyn, New York, featuring a 1000-sf common area with 15-ft ceilings and 2 large industrial south-facing windows. Located in an old factory, the loft has a genial balance of white walls, wood textures, and brick, and sports a comfortable bohemian vibe. The property is film-ready for your production and offers guests a common space, a kitchen, a bathroom, a parking lot in the back of the building, and a spacious rooftop with views of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline. A notable feature that makes the roof unique are the coops of trained pigeons that dot the neighboring roofs - sometimes you can catch the neighbors corralling the pigeons with flags. The roof is equipped with working electrical outlets, but you need to bring your own extension cables. Street parking is available and load-in is a breeze. Contact the location today to book it for your next film or television production.