SeaSmoke Farms

1653 Calle Canon, Santa Barbara, CA 93121

SeaSmoke Farms, a 3-acre working organic farm located in a hidden valley in Santa Barbara, California, is now available for filming. The property comes with roadways and paths throughout, and views of the foothills. Also on site is a 1962 24' Airstream that’s also available for production use as makeup/wardrobe area, office or filming location. SeaSmoke Farms offers many outdoor settings, from oak woodlands, avocado and citrus orchards, olive grove, interior roads, to rows of grape vines. The ranch provides your production with many different looks, from gritty and abandoned, to manicured and refined. There is little overhead traffic and one very quiet road - which is great for audio/sound work. There’s enough parking for honey wagons plus 10 cars or more (additional parking close by). Contact the location today to book it for your next film or television production.


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