Power House

PR3D Professional: Trent de Clews Castella

Completed in 1920, the Powerhouse lies in the center of the convict, maritime and industrial precincts and is the engine room of Cockatoo Island. Used to drive dockyard pumps and island machinery, the Powerhouse is a magnificent industrial artefact. Three 1000 kilowatt turbo-generator sets, air compressors and hydraulic units supplied power for the lighting, welding, hydraulic and pneumatic needs of the dockyard. Marvel at the chimney's epic proportions. The Power House is available for filming today.


I like to be on location. I like to have input from the real world that is helping to shape what we’re doing.
— Wes Anderson, Director of The Grand Budapest Hotel, on filming on location.


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PR3D Professional: Trent de Clews Castella

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