Managing your property listing(s) on LocationsHub is a simple process. The links on the left will walk you through the main process of listing your location. Bookmark this page for future reference in case you need a refresher.

1. Search By Name

The quickest way to search for a location is to enter in the name of the property as it's listed on 

Let's use the Constables Cottage listing as an example. 

If Constables Cottage is your property and you would like to search for it on, enter its name ("Constables Cottage") in the search box on the homepage.


You can also search for your location by entering the property name in the search box on the Search page.

You can also perform a search when you log-in to your account. Once you're on the main page of your account, the below pop-up box appears, just click on "Search for Locations." Then enter in the name of your location/property to start the search.

No matter which venue you use to start your search, the result of your search for "Constables Cottage" should look like this. 

And if you click on the location thumbnail, it should take you directly to your listing.

2. Search by Category

You can also search for your location/property by entering in its category. In our example for "Constables Cottage," the categories are highlighted below.

On the Search page, you can search for "Constables Cottage" by entering in its categories as chosen on the listing, then click "Search." 

Searching by categories, however, may not give as quick a result as you'd like, since there may be many other locations that share the same categories as your listing. In the above example, there are 105,232 locations that share the same categories as "Constables Cottage."

3. Search By Location & Categories

If you're looking for properties in a specific city/town, state or country, enter all that information in the search boxes. For example, if you want to shoot your production at a house in Pasadena, California, fill in the search boxes the below info.


When you're done filling out all the categories, click the "Search" button. The result should then pop up next with all the houses in Pasadena listed for filming.

4. Search by Location ID

If you know your location ID, you can also search for it by entering in the search box its LocationsHub ID. For example, the ID for "Constables Cottage" is 073-16322, so you can enter that number in the Search box and click "Search." It should bring up "Constables Cottage" as a result.