Wolverine Shed

PR3D Professional: Trent de Clews Castella

This shed on Cockatoo Island is the film location for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008. Down below are the forges and foundries where the heavy equipment, lathes and stampers, generators and turbines, mostly supplied after a long and arduous sea journey from England around the Cape of Good Hope, are stored. The shed stands idle and empty. There remains the lingering smell of diesel and machine oils and it is easy to imagine the whirr and rumble of large overhead gantries, like spiders with steel legs clasping big bits of metal. Now it is all silent and largely bare, some industrial detritus left behind like droppings, signs that once these now rusted and shop-soiled ‘bits’ had been integral to what this place once was, and the work that was done. The Wolverine Shed is available for filming once again.


Shooting on location and staying away from sets gave the film a naturalistic look and palpable authenticity.
— Adam Stone, Director of Photography for "Mud"


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PR3D Professional: Trent de Clews Castella

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