LocationsHub 3D Professionals

Join our Film Industry Network of 3D Professionals


LocationsHub 3D Professionals

Join our Film Industry Network of 3D Professionals

LocationsHub invites creative visionaries to join our network of 3D Professionals as we continue to impact the way the film industry works with locations.

Although we live in a 3D world, the film location selection process is based heavily on a 2D model: a series of still photos. Productions rely on a collection of photos of a location to make the determination about whether that location is suitable for the production. If they believe it might be, they will typically have to visit it themselves (even if they have hired a scout in advance) to make the final determination. Even if a video of a location exists, it typically does not do the location justice. Further, a video is often seen in a negative light because the director and/or producer does not want to be influenced by someone else’s view of that location, nor of how someone else has decided to hold the camera.

Consequently, filmmakers, producers, set designers, art departments, and location scouts must rely heavily on time-consuming, on-site physical and technical inspections of the locations they are considering as well as of the locations that they have already selected. We here at LocationsHub are going to change that.

We know you're an innovator, and we know you're good. Take your innovation and talent into spaces that aren’t likely to be included in the typical real estate listing – prisons, for example, or an airport, a navy ship, or an unusual museum. If you’d like to create highly-detailed and realistic 3D models of a variety of spaces geared toward the film industry, join our network and be a part of the movement that changes the way the film industry works.



Network Benefits

  • We provide you projects that are already approved. You capture, upload, and get paid.
  • There is no cost of sales to you for any LocationsHub project.
  • You will be provided a fee-free LocationsHub account for all of your own locations that you wish to promote to the film industry.
  • You can continue to work your non-LocationsHub business at your discretion.
  • You will have access to entirely different sector that is in need of 3D scans and models.
  • Depending on the level of film production in your market, you could be asked to scan all sorts of interesting locations thus allowing you to gain wide-ranging experience.
  • There is no membership fee involved. We just need to know that we can count on you to deliver in your market when a LocationsHub project arises.
  • You can use the LocationsHub logo on your marketing materials, website, and social media channels.
  • Each 3D scan/model that is created and promoted in LocationsHub will be credited to the LH 3D Professional who created it.

Program Details

  • You will have a single point of contact for all your LocationsHub projects.
  • All content created for a LocationsHub project will be hosted by LocationsHub. Once the deliverables are provided to us, we do not require you to keep any archive files or hosting payments.
  • We will provide you with a DropBox location and Matterport account/folder in order to provide the deliverables upon completion of the project.
  • For each LocationsHub project, the following deliverables are required:
    • Object File (.OBJ): to be uploaded into designated DropBox account/folder.
    • Completed Scans: to be uploaded to specific Matterport account/folder.
    • 3D model photos: 25 screen captures (.PNG or .JPG files) uploaded to DropBox.
    • Exterior Photos: 25 image files (.PNG or .JPG files) taken of location exterior.
    • Flyover Video: overview video of completed 3D model in MP4 format (optional).
  • You will test all Matterport URLs to ensure that they are working properly.


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