LocationsHub does one thing and does it well – it helps you find an inspired location for film and photography shoots. Covering 15 countries and diverse locations such as Nicaragua and Jamaica (as well the usual suspects like the UK and US), it’s as easy to use as Google and has a nifty lightbox feature that lets you store your favourite locations.
— thespaces.com
My house in Brooklyn, in your system already, is about to be featured on ‘Backyard Envy,’ the BRAVO show. We’ve had more bookings with you than anyone else ....
— G. Stuart, property owner - July 2019
We’ve joined locationshub! We’ve uploaded a few locations [available for filming] already and, in the coming weeks, we’ll be traveling the island taking hundreds of more photos.
— Hawai'i Island Film Office
I received a call from a director less than 2 weeks after posting on your site. They are filming a national commercial this week! We are on vacation so it works out so perfectly! This is so exciting.
— A. J. Faieta, property owner - August 2019
We are currently listed on LocationsHub.com and just got our first job! It was a great experience and we would love to do more of it!
— Shannon Cian, property owner
The Texas Film Commission works collaboratively with LocationsHub, a public-facing searchable online database, to showcase a wide range of statewide locations to productions interested in filming in Texas. While there may be some locations that are only available in our internal database, LocationsHub is a great start in your search for the perfect Texas filming location.
— Texas Film Commission
Locations Hub is a really great website for scouting because it is entirely dedicated to locations for film ... not photography. This is important because a lot of locations that are great for photography aren’t that well suited for filmmaking due to noise, traffic, etc. You’ll also find detailed maps, pictures, and website links to film commissions here. The best part is Locations Hub is completely free to use.
— premiumbeat.com
LocationsHub is a solid resource and marketplace for scouting film spots. Dedicated entirely to film sites, LocationsHub includes detailed photos, maps, website links and more to help you in your search for the ideal location. It might just be your new best friend when you are unable to physically scout a locale.
— productionhub.com