Atlanta Tech Village

PR3D Professional: Dan Smigrod

Atlanta Tech Village is a 103,000 sf high-tech office space located in Atlanta's Silicon Valley. Included in the space is a rooftop lounge, a community room, modular office furniture, and conference rooms with glass walls and white board walls. Atlanta Tech Village is available for filming.



  • Silicon Valley in Atlanta | high-tech office space
  • 5 floors | Rooftop lounge | 103,000 sf
  • Event space for 350 | Community Room
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Modular office furniture | conference rooms
  • Glass walls and white board walls


  • Bright space with lots of natural light
  • Convenient location, near Atlanta Airport
  • Local eateries are nearby, within walking distance
  • Spacious bathrooms / dressing rooms
  • Location is available to productions 24/7 


I like to be on location. I like to have input from the real world that is helping to shape what we’re doing.
— Wes Anderson, Director of The Grand Budapest Hotel, on filming on location.

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PR3D Professional: Dan Smigrod

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