Rosemont Manor, built in 1811, has been an iconic, picturesque symbol of southern hospitality and classic early American architecture for over two centuries. With its elegant Doric columns and breathtaking Georgian style Grand Portico, Rosemont is one of the premier historical locations in the greater Washington DC / Northern Virginia area.

Sitting atop a hill overlooking the Northern Shenandoah Valley, Rosemont Manor was owned by several prominent families over the years, but probably the most famous proprietor was Harry F. Byrd, Sr., Virginia Governor and US Senator. Senator Byrd and his family owned the historic estate for over 60 years. During the Byrds’ tenure at Rosemont, the manor played host to several US Presidents, foreign dignitaries, and a variety of prominent celebrities.

Private, quiet and peaceful with an air of sophistication and southern grace, the Berryville, Virginia property has hosted film crews in the past with great success. Rosemont Manor’s classic, historic filming location has been recognized and enjoyed by film industry professionals for years.

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