Overlooking Lake Travis in the Hill Country, the Tram House is an architectural gem located off the beaten path and yet at the center of things at the same time. As you approach over tree-covered hillsides with the midnight-blue water below, it's as if you're on a Greek Island or in southern Italy rather than in Texas.

The Tram House can only be reached by tram. You park at the base of the hill, climb into the tramcar (yes, just like in a Wes Anderson film), and let your horizon expand as the tram carries you 210 feet up the 55-degree hillside to the panoramic views of Lake Travis. Built in perfect alignment with the slope of the hill and standing at ‘treetop’ height, the Tram House is the only house east of the Rocky Mountains that requires a tram to access.

The Tram House boasts three private balconies, custom-designed skylights, and corner windows in the living room and bedrooms that allow unobstructed views. The three-level, contemporary-style home is comfortably furnished with all new décor.

With its unparalleled lake views, exclusive location, modern comfort and competitive rates, neighbors and visitors alike rave about the unique Tram House. It has also been featured in Austin Monthly and Parade magazines.

To inquire about filming at this unique Austin property, visit LocationsHub.com.

To inquire about shooting your next production at this property, visit LocationsHub.com.