Last month, Variety wrote an article listing the top places in the world that location managers, directors and other industry insiders voted as best locations for filmmaking.

Reel-Scout is excited to share that our film office clients represent two of the Top 5 markets for filmmaking:  California (No. 1) and New Mexico (No. 3).

Listed below are some of the unique features that make California and New Mexico popular with the film and television production industries.


  • Deepest talent pool on/off camera.
  • Largest, most technologically advanced production infrastructure and equipment globally.
  • Varied outdoor filming locations: snowy mountains, beaches, vineyards, forests, deserts, hilly cities (San Francisco), palmy urban areas (Los Angeles), and of course the one and only Hollywood.
  • 20-25% tax credits.


  • Unusual sceneries and locations from white desert sands to woodsy mountains.
  • 25% tax rebates.
  • Rapid and steady growth of local studios such as Albuquerque Studios, Rio Grande Studios, and a new studio complex soon to be launched in Santa Fe.
  • Large crew base.

A few more of our clients receive Honorable Mentions:  for “Best Incentives” — Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina; for “Best Film-Office Support” — Connecticut and Utah; and for “Best Doubles for Locations” — Arizona.



And here’s is the complete list of “best places for filmmaking” according to industry pros:

Top 5 North American Locations

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. New Mexico
  4. Chicago
  5. Louisiana

Top 5 International Locations

  1. Morocco
  2. France
  3. Prague
  4. Spain
  5. United Kingdom

Honorable Mentions

  • Best Visual Appeal – Croatia, Hawaii, Panama
  • Best Incentives – Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina
  • Best Film-Office Support – Connecticut, Utah, Vancouver
  • Best Production Resources – Sydney, Montreal, Toronto
  • Best Doubles for Other Locations – Buenos Aires, Iceland, Arizona

Congratulations to all Reel-Scout clients who made this much-coveted list! To read the entire article, please click here.



Banner image of a San Francisco, California neighborhood via Google.