I’m one of those people who stay in the theater long after the final scene of a movie is over, just to read all the credits. I’m fascinated by the number of people needed to put a production together. It truly takes a village to make a movie.

Other than the obvious mentions of directors, producers and actors in the credits, there are also hundreds if not thousands of other key individuals who work tirelessly behind the scene of every single production. They’re all carefully mentioned in the credits, but unfortunately they’re often overlooked by us viewers.

One of the most crucial yet underappreciated professionals in the entertainment industry is the Location Manager. “A quality location manager with creative confidence and visual foresight is paramount in the overall success of a project,” stated Pauline East, head of California’s Antelope Valley Film Commission. “The California On Location Awards reminds us of their very significant contribution.”

To salute these hard working talents, the California On Location Awards once again honored the top Location professionals at its 16th annual award ceremony last Sunday, October 24, 2010, at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

The California On Location Awards, or COLA, is “the premiere awards ceremony” that annually celebrate the Location professionals, production companies and public employees for their outstanding accomplishments and excellent service for the California’s entertainment industry. The awards are for 13 categories, including commercials, music videos, episodic television and feature films.

Past COLA winners include Lorin Miller (O’Neill Fall/Winter Keepsake Catalog), Robert Gregory(“Playstation 3”), Tristan Daoussis (“A Single Man”), Kim Crabb (“House”), Gregory Alpert(“Frost/Nixon”), Jeff Morris (“Chanel”), and many others.

Reel-Scout appreciates all the hard work it takes to be a rockstar Location professional, and would like to congratulate all of this year’s COLA winners and nominees!



1. Mike Fantasia (“The Green Hornet”) - Features Location Professional of the Year
2. Timothy Hillman (“CSI: NY”) - Television Location Professional of the Year
3. Michael Wesley Aycock (“Inception”) - Features Assistant Location Managers of the Year
4. Jason Kaplon (“Cold Case”) - Television Assistant Location Managers of the Year
5. Kent Matsuoka (“Ford”) - Commercials Location Professional of the Year 
6. Tony Salome and Team (“NCIS: Los Angeles) - Television Location Team of the Year
7. Mike Fantasia and Team (“The Green Hornet”) - Features Location Team of the Year

Please note that not all of the winners are listed here. A complete list of 2010 winners will be featured on the COLA website shortly.



Location Professional of the Year - Stills

Wes Olson - “Vogue - Amber Valetta”
Geoff Juckes - “Roberto Cavalli”
Peter Newfield - “Chadwicks Fashion Catalog”

Location Professional of the Year - Commercials

Louis de Fontanes -  “Lufthansa & Dickies”
Jof Hanwright - “Honda”
Kent Matsuoka - “Ford Superduty”
Errol Reichow - “BMW & Toyota RAV-4”

Teamsters Local 399 Assistant Location Manager of the Year - Features

S. Dylan Kirkland - “Priest”
Alex Kivlen - “No Strings Attached”
Michael Wesley (Aycock) - “Inception”

Teamsters Local 399 Assistant Location Manager of the Year - Television

Patrick Chisholm - “Glee”
Kim Crabb - “24”
Jason Kaplon - “Cold Case”

Location Professional of the Year - TV Episodic

Nancy Haecker - “House”
Timothy Hillman - “CSI:NY”
Michelle Latham - “Flashforward”

Location Professional of the Year - Features

Chris Bonnem - “Faster”
Mike Fantasia - “The Green Hornet”
Ilt Jones - “Inception”

Production Company of the Year - TV Reality

New Remote Productions - “The Dudesons”
Transition Productions - “Next X”
BBC Worldwide Reality Productions - “What not to wear”

Location Team of the Year - TV Episodic

Fox/Universal - “House”
Nancy Haecker, Location Manager
Stevie Nelson, Key Assistant Location Manager
Carole Segal, Key Assistant Location Manager

AMC - “Mad Men”
Scott Poole, Location Manager
Kevin Danchisko,  Key Assistant Location Manager
Tristan Daoussis, Key Assistant Location Manager
Gavin Glennon, Key Assistant Location Manager

CBS - “NCIS: Los Angeles”
Tony Salome, Location Manager
Peter Sands, Location Manager
Greg Lazzaro, Location Manager
Dorion Thomas, Key Assistant Location Manager
J. J. Levine, Key Assistant Location Manager
Roger Fath, Key Assistant Location Manager
Ronald “Kartoon” Antwine, Assistant Location Manager

Team of the Year - Features

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. - “The Green Hornet”
Mike Fantasia, Location Manager
Donny Martino, Jr., Key Assistant Location Manager
Peter Costelli, Key Assistant Location Manager
Steven Lee, Key Assistant Location Manager
Marie Healy, Key Assistant Location Manager
Perri Fichtner, Key Assistant Location Manager
Michael B. Louis, Key Assistant Location Manager
George Shockley, Key Assistant Location Manager
Jorge Alvarez, Key Assistant Location Manager
Chas Allen, Key Assistant Location Manager
Brigette Pope, Key Assistant Location Manager
Lori Balton, Location Scout

Iron Works Productions/Marvel Studios- “Iron Man 2”
Scott Allen Logan, Key Location Manager
James R. Maceo, Location Manager:  Additional Photography
Scott Trimble, Key Assistant Location Manager
Dan Beal, Key Assistant Location Manager
Justin Besemer, Key Assistant Location Manager
Perri Fichtner,
 Key Assistant Location Manager
Steve Woroniecki, Key Assistant Location Manager
Ron Haynes, Key Assistant Location Manager

Montecito Pictures & Paramount Studios - Untitled - Ivan Reitman Project
Gregory Alpert, Location Manager
Timothy Hillman, Second Unit Location Manager
Peter Costelli, Key Assistant Location Manager
Alex Kivlen, Key Assistant Location Manager
George Alvarez, Key Assistant Location Manager
Darrin Lipscomb, Key Assistant Location Manager
Brooks Bonstin, Key Assistant Location Manager
Steve Woroniecki, Key Assistant Location Manager


City Employee of the Year

Toi Chisom, City of Santa Clarita
Cheri Haggerty, City of Big Bear Lake
Gus Pivetti, City of Santa Clarita


County Employee of the Year

Brad Albertazzi & Bob Eicholtz, County of Placer
Rick Lucas, County of San Bernardino
Scott Thompson & Michael Fioravanti, County of Los Angeles


State Employee of the Year

Al Afaneh, Caltrans
Chuck Bancroft, State Parks
Roger San Juan, Caltrans


Federal Employee of the Year 

Commander Sean Carroll, United States Coast Guard
Noemi Margaret, Alexandra Picavet & James Sword, National Parks Service
Jennifer White, United States Forest Service

For interviews taken at the 2010 California On Location Awards, visit the COLA USTREAM.