Remember Slumdog Millionaire? I saw it at least three times. Twice in the theater, and probably more than once on television when the movie finally came out on cable. Fair to say that Academy Award winner Director Danny Boyle had made one very poignant,  unforgettable film. It went on to win eight Oscars in 2008.

This month, Mr. Boyle is back in the spot light wrapping up 127 Hours, his latest film with Fox Searchlight Pictures, starring James Franco. The movie is based on the true heroic story of mountaineer Aron Ralston who in 2003 was hiking in Blue John Canyon, near Moab, Utah, when he was trapped by an 800-pound boulder.

When it came time to decide on the filming location for the movie, Utah’s generous incentive and beautiful redrock desert quickly won over the producers at Fox Searchlight. Most of the filming of “127 Hours” took place in Moab, Green River, Sandy, Antelope Island, Tibble Fork Reservoir, Emigration Canyon, and Blue John Canyon, where the real event happened. The production created 150 jobs and earned $14 million for Utah. Not bad for 50 days of work!

Marshall MooreUtah Film Commission director, disclosed that his agency “provided filmmakers with a post-performance tax credit worth $2.8 million, based on a 20 percent rebate for every dollar the production company spent in Utah.”

“Projects such as these benefit the state in so many different ways, with job creation for Utahns being one of the most important,” said Gov. Gary Herbert.

For me, I have no doubt 127 Hours will be another one of Director Danny Boyle’s riveting, heart-wrenching, memorable movies. But will it be nearly as good as Slumdog? We will see.


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