Imagine ... a romantic church wedding set in the middle of an idyllic tree-lined suburb. Imagine ... a heart-stopping car chasing sequence on the winding roads of snow-capped mountains. Imagine ... a school of beautiful wild horses running through a vast open field.

Where in the world would film location scouts go to search for locations as diverse, unique and memorable as these? And, most importantly, how?

The answers are ...

They’re all in ... Montana. And the search begins with an iPhone app.

Montana’s Locations App: The Must-See Trailers

With the Montana Film Office’s free iPhone app developed by Reel-Scout, anyone can search for specific filming locations such as the ones mentioned above. To show us how special this app is, the Montana Film Office recently created a series of 30-second film clips for their iPhone app.

These trailers unabashedly present to the viewers the stunning landscapes and locations of Montana. We’re sharing with you The Wedding here and wholeheartedly recommend you also check out The Stampede  and The Car Chase.

To access to 20,000+ photos of unique filming locations across Montana, download the FREE Montana Film Office Locations App from the iTunes App Store today.

For more details on Montana’s film locations and incentives, read this article we published last month.