Ever wonder how a location scout would approach you if he or she was interested in renting your house to be used as a film location?

Last year, HBO location scout Laura Foley was in Marblehead, Massachusetts, in search of film locations for a production then known as the Untitled Larry David Project.

Ms. Foley scouted the idyllic New England town and dropped off the following letter at all the homes she was interested in using as film locations:

Dear Residents,

HBO Films is in the preliminary stages of an upcoming feature film staring Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm). We will be filming in the communities North of Boston this coming fall.

We are currently scouting for HOMES in your area to feature as filming locations. If you have received this flyer, your property has the look in which we are interested. If your residence is chosen you will receive financial compensation and all appropriate certificates of insurance.

The Massachusetts film industry employs thousands in the Commonwealth, and it is only through the support of local businesses and residents that it can continue to grow. We are working closely with the Massachusetts Film Office to make film production possible.

Please call at your earliest convenience to discuss our project in more detail. I can best be reached on my mobile phone.

Laura Foley


Clear History

HBO’s Untitled Larry David Project now has the official name of Clear History. The comedy movie’s plot centers around a marketing executive’s revenge against his former boss. The cast includes Larry David, Jon Hamm, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Liev Schreiber.

If you’re interested in learning more about the movie, here’s the official website of Clear History. 

Image via  Google .

Image via Google.

How to List Your Home as a Film Location

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