Seven miles from the east entrance of Joshua Tree National Park is the whimsical, one-of-a-kind Tile House. A fabulously eclectic location adored by filmmakers and photographers worldwide, The Tile House is - inside and out - a stunning mosaic made of Mexican and desert tiles, smelt, handmade Perry Hoffman ceramics, stained glass and ceramic bric-brac.

As is, Tile House is already a film-ready set and yet it looks as if your production designer has spent months designing every inch of the space.

Owned by artist and photographer Perry Hoffman since 1999, Tile House is an ongoing labor of love for the artist. For over 15 years, Hoffman has personally mosaicked every corner of the house. "The more the desert spoke to me and revealed its magic and wonder, the house would compel me to glue another tile to a blank concrete wall," said the artist. 

"A place of constant transformation, contemplation and wonder," The Tile House is a two-bedroom home with an outdoor hot tub, gated courtyard with a fire pit and gorgeous desert views. Available for rental, the property is stylishly furnished with queen-size beds, cotton linens, iPod dock with speakers, and sports a fully-functional kitchen and laundry facilities. 

The Tile House is located in the middle of the vast and open California desert. "You need not walk two feet to be a part of the wilderness," stated the Tile House's AirBnB page. Jack rabbits, cottontails, ravens, scorpions, desert iguana, snakes, Gambel's quail, lesser night hawks, owls, coyotes, roadrunners, sphinx moths, and kangaroo rats, flash floods, dust devils, lightning storms, sunsets, summer rains, empty roads, wildflowers, and cacti are just some of the wildlife treasures you may bump while filming here. 

For filmmakers, one of the best perks of shooting at The Tile House is the ample availability of natural warm desert light. 

Film-friendly and film-ready, The Tile House would make a fabulous and unique setting for your next production. 

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