Ba'sik is a Brooklyn cocktail bar with an industrial, cozy feel. Located in the historic Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, ba'sik's indoor and outdoor spaces is decorated with deep hued woods and plaster walls.

In addition to the 40-seat inside ba'sik, the bar also has 35 additional seats in its intimate outdoor patio. The bar has a capacity to house about 100 people at any given time.

"Back to the basics" is the philosophy behind ba'sik. Marking the return of the drinking establishment as a "public house," ba'sik is a "relaxing gathering place where friends and neighbors congregate over flowing drinks and pleasant fare."

Designed by Robert Stansell III and Timothy Welsh of Emporium Design, ba'sik's welcoming and relaxing feel is in part due to its stylish, industrial design infused with a bit of rustic whimsy.

From its outdoor garden, glass and steel bi-fold windows along the sidewalk, to its 19th century butcher block bar salvaged from an abandoned packaging plant, ba'sik is a charming Brooklyn film set, ready for production. As is.

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