All these movies all have one thing in common: Shutter Island, The Light At The Edge of The World, The Fog, A Very Long Engagement, Breaking The Waves, Final Analysis, Forever Young, Snow Falling On Cedars, Half Light, and Jaws. They were all set and/or filmed in a lighthouse.

Finding a real lighthouse that allows filming is no easy task. Fortunately for filmmakers, Connecticut has an atmospheric and historic lighthouse to offer as a film location. Peck Ledge Lighthouse, also known as Cockenoe Lighthouse, is now available for film and television productions. It's a 'spark-plug' style lighthouse off the coast of Westport, Connecticut, along the northeast end of the Norwalk Islands in Long Island Sound.

Built in 1906, the cast-iron structure is still a working lighthouse today operated by the United States Coast Guard. Being a working lighthouse, it is not open to the public. However, Peck Ledge Lighthouse is available for productions to use as a film location.

The scenic 54-foot-high lighthouse is painted white with a brown band in the middle. Inside, the lighthouse has three stories of living space along with a basement with cisterns for rainwater storage. The light was automated by the Coast Guard in 1933 and now flashes green every 2.5 seconds.

The Peck Ledge Lighthouse originally came with a fourth order Fresnel lens. In 1988 the Fresnel lens was removed and a 250 mm optic was installed. In 1990 the lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In 2004 the Coast Guard installed 100 tons of granite rip-rap as well as a section of step-cut stones for easier access to the lighthouse.

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