41 Loampit Vale, Ladywell, London, ENG SE13 7FT


Glass Mill Leisure Centre is a sleek leisure centre in London, England, offering a number of facilities for filming. They include a café, a climbing wall, a children's crèche, an exercise studio, a gym, a health suite, a 20-metre learning pool, a meeting room and a 25-metre swimming pool. The front of the building is covered with multi-coloured glass panes, adding to its modern feel. The main members' areas in the centre is only available for filmmakers when the building is closed - i.e. overnight. However it is possible to book rooms during the daytime when they are not being used for regular activities. For example: the training pool is available when school groups are not booked in, and the exercise studios can be used during slack times such as afternoons. The leisure centre is located close to Lewisham DLR and Southern Rail station.