Pierce Point Road, Inverness, CA 94937


Established in 1858, Pierce Point Ranch is one of the oldest ranches on the Point Reyes Peninsula in Northern California. Once one of the most successful dairy ranches of its time, Pierce Point Ranch today is an important landmark of the agricultural heritage of this region. Three years after the farm ceased operations in 1973, Congress authorized creation of the wilderness area incorporating Pierce Point Ranch into the habitat for tule elk. Since 1980, the U.S. National Park Service has invested in the rehabilitation of the ranch, citing it as the best example of a 19th century west Marin dairy ranch. In 1985, Pierce Point Ranch was added to the National Register of Historic Places and was subsequently opened to the public as an interpretive site. Visitors from all the over the world can take a self-guided tour path through this historic and picturesque ranch complex. As an added bonus, Pierce Point Ranch is also the entrance to the Tomales Point Trail and Tule Elk Preserve where a scenic stretch of coastal bluff offers breathtaking vistas of both Tomales Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Lucky for filmmakers, Pierce Point Ranch is now also available for filming. Contact Film Marin today to book it for your next film or television production. You can't ask for a more cinematic location as this!

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