Mid-Century Modern House

Port Washington, New York

This Mid Century Modern Home is a beautiful, historic mid-century modern home in Port Washington, New York, now available for filming. Designed in a Japanese Zen style that includes a Washitsu (tatami mat room) and Engawa (Japanese porch), the house is situated on a hill in a wooded area of Nassau County, New York (17 miles from Manhattan). An example of Bauhaus style Modern Architecture created in the United States, this stunning mid century modern is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built by a disciple of Marcel Breuer, the rectangular house with a flat roof features vertical cypress panels which cover the garage and second story, which cantilevers over the first story by 3 feet on the north and south sides. Custom-sized large windows ornament the facades creating an open feeling in the living and dining room. The house is fully furnished with authentic MCM furniture and was recently stained a darker, yet natural color. Contact the location today to book it for your next film or television production.