Havenwald Fairytale Cottages

2181 Harmon Hills Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Havenwald is a 6-acre ranchette that includes 7 magical, fairytale cottages in Dripping Springs, Texas, all available for filming, each with its own distinct personality. The cottages - The Gothic Victorian, Robin Hood's Hideout, Ruby Cleo, the Little Gypsy Wagon, Anastasia, The Steampunk House, The Havenwald Castle and Sugarplum - are built almost entirely from reclaimed and salvaged materials, and are furnished with antiques and cedar wood.

The Gothic Victorian features a Mansard roof, stained glass windows, painted walls, rich reds, greys and blacks, a full-size claw-foot tub, a large kitchen and antique brass hardware.

Robin Hood's Hideout is our Storybook cottage, with rustic, Medieval overtones. A rough-hewn ceiling of cedar logs, stained glass windows, curved trim (think the Hugh Comstock houses on Carmel Island!) and small cedar trees framing the circular stairway. This cottage has a mini-kitchen and full bath.

Ruby Cleo the Little Gypsy Wagon features brightly painted, hand carved trim over deep red cedar siding. Antique stained glass windows, antique embossed tin ceiling and a removable bed are just some of her festive charms. No kitchen or bath, but she is the only cottage on wheels, and can be easily repositioned or moved to another location.

Anastasia is a tiny cottage with a loft, a shower, a kitchenette and a custom tile entry. Antique shiplap and cedar clad her interior and exterior, and her trim is in purples and teal.

The Steampunk House is a larger cottage, with industrial, reclaimed metal and wood, and a custom elevator to get to the loft. There are many gauges, gadgets and metal finishes inside, as well as a full kitchen with granite counters on vintage, carved wood buffets, and a full bath.

The Castle is under construction, scheduled to be completed Autumn 2019. It will be in the Tudor style, with full, crenelated parapets, a jettied loft, lots of stained glass, and Medieval, sumptuous details. There’s also a full kitchen and bath, with an incredible views.

Sugarplum is almost playhouse, with a loft and an antique buffet kitchenette and settee. She is scheduled to be completed Autum, 2019.

Havenwald boasts cedar and Texas Live Oak trees, a descent to the wet-weather creek with a 50' metal bridge, and a forested area completely hidden from the neighbors. Surrounded by big Texas sky, rocks, trees and wildlife, the property has 300-degree views out over the treetops providing an incredible stargazing experience at night. The topography and buildings at Havenwald make it a property unlike any other. Productions can rent each cottage individually or the entire property as a whole.

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