Managing your property listing(s) on LocationsHub is a simple process. The links on the left will walk you through the main process of listing your location. Bookmark this page for future reference in case you need a refresher.

1. Log-In to "My Locations"

Log-in to your account, and go to "My Locations."

2. Choose The Location

Click on the thumbnail of the location/property you would like to edit. If you only list one location, the gallery will just display that location. If you have multiple properties listed, choose the one you would like to make changes to.

3. Edit Location

Once the Location Details page opens up, click on "Edit Location."

4. Edit Location Photos

Click on "Edit Location Photos."

5. Delete Photos

Choose the photo you'd like to delete, and click on the Trash (delete) icon. 

Then click on the "Delete Photo" option.

6. Save

When you finish deleting all the photos of your choice, click "Save" or "Save and Preview."